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Our high converting templates have been curated by a designer, digital marketer, and professional copywriter to ensure that your checkouts get you more sales.

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To Build ThriveCart templates That Save You Time & Earn You More

You don’t want to spend months building your product, only to have your customers view your checkout and not enter their payment details.

We’ve built a range of premium, high-converting ThriveCart templates, aimed at ensuring you succeed when using ThriveCart as your choice of checkout software.

Years of trial and error, watching the data, and making tweaks to our templates has left us with the 9 templates below.

Simply choose the one that best matches your business, hit Purchase, and import it into your own ThriveCart account. It takes 2 minutes, max!

Done-for-you templates that simply convert better

9 Tried & tested ThriveCart Temapltes

brand pitch email templates examples
thrivecart template 1

Course ThriveCart Template

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thrivecart template 2

Simple Conversion Cart​

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thrivecart template 5

Course ThriveCart Template

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thrivecart template 6

Course ThriveCart Template

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thrivecart template 7

Image Testimonials​

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thrivecart template 8

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Let's take a closer look at each Template...

thrivecart template 1

ThriveCart Template #1

Countdown Trial

Template #1 is a simple design that focuses on building urgency above the payment form (along with a few key product benefits), and then continuing to build the consumer’s desire to purchase the product below the payment form with room for testimonials, FAQs, and guarantees.

thrivecart template 2

ThriveCart Template #2

Simple Conversion Cart

If your visitors are warm leads that you simply need to nudge over the edge with a well-designed checkout page, then this is the ThriveCart template you’ll want to use. Its simple white/grey/blue color scheme leads peoples eyes to the most important element on the page – the all important ‘Confirm Payment’ button.

thrivecart template 3

ThriveCart Template #3

Flash Sale

This ThriveCart template uses a neutral color scheme to promote a flash sale. The urgency created by the countdown timer, plus the double call-to-action buttons, the social proof testimonials, and the money-back guarantee all work together to make this a high-converting template.

thrivecart template 4

ThriveCart Template #4

Course Enrolment

Our course enrolment template can be used for any sales funnel where you have multiple rock-solid reasons to buy. This template has room for up to 6 sections of text where you can convince the reader they’ll be making a huge mistake if they don’t purchase your product today. 

thrivecart template 5

ThriveCart Template #5

Social Proof

Some products have their conversion sky-rocket with a good dose of social proof, and that’s what this ThriveCart template delivers! With room from one prominent testimonial, and three other testimonials, the customer will be at ease when asked for the payment details.

thrivecart template 6

ThriveCart Template #6

Feature Highlights

This template is made for offers that have 2 to 6 key product benefits that you want to emphasize with an image and short description each. This is great for products that need a little more explaining or “selling” within the ThriveCart checkout itself.

thrivecart template 7

ThriveCart Template #7

Image Testimonials

If you have a product that delivers beautiful photos with strong testimonials, then this is the ThriveCart template you want to choose. We’ve set it up for the wedding industry, but it can be used for all sorts of industries with a few tweaks and color scheme changes. 

thrivecart template 8

ThriveCart Template #8

Strictly Limited Offer

If you have an offer ending soon, then this is the template to purchase. The headline box sits separately with its own call to action button, followed by a coupon-style limited-time offer box, then the all-important countdown timer. By the time the customer gets to learn more about the offer, they are 110% aware they need to buy now, or miss out.

thrivecart temaplate 9

ThriveCart Template #9

Product Showcase

Collect full shipping details with this template designed to sell physical products. With room for one primary product image, this template is perfect for selling simple self-explanatory products where the customers buying intent is already high.

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Template Questions & Answers

Whats special about these ThriveCart templates?

Anyone can make a ThriveCart checkout template, but if it is your first time doing it, then it likely won’t convert as well as it could. This means you are spending time, effort, and money on driving traffic to your checkouts and losing money by using an unoptimized checkout.

All our ThriveCart checkouts have been designed and created by digital marketers who have spent millions driving traffic to checkout pages over the past 10 years – and the countless learnings during that time have been used to create the most beautiful, high-converting, Thrivecart checkout templates that we could.

Isn't there a ThriveCart community gallery?

A ThriveCart community gallery has been teased by the team behind ThriveCart for a number of years now, but it still hasn’t arrived. 

When the ThriveCart community gallery finally does launch we expect it will be full of designs that aren’t made by professional digital marketers or copywriters, which is why we will still always recommend premium ThriveCart checkouts.

What's important when it comes to ThriveCart templates?

The two main factors we focus on is design, and conversion…but particularly conversion.

Both independent studies, and our own research, show that it is often the “uglier” templates or adverts which perform better. 

Customers care about social proof, strong headlines, product benefits, scarcity, call to action buttons, and persuasive copywriting. They don’t necessarily care about what color gradient you use.


How do I install a ThriveCart template?

When you purchase a ThriveCart template from us, here are the basic steps to install it

  • Purchase your template from the list above
    It will look a little like this: https://thrivecart.com/share/XXXXXX.
  • Login to ThriveCart, and under the product settings in the Checkout > Design tab, select ‘Import another design’.
  • Paste the unique link from step 2.
  • Done!

You’ll get more in-depth instructions once you make a purchase.